CAT Generation, Validation, Correction and Submission and much more…

CAT Report generation

Pursuant to SEC Rule 613 and in compliance with CAT Reporting Technical specifications published by FINRA, RSMS will generate CAT report(s) based on the “Client data” (Orders, Trades, Routes, Quotes, Audit trail and other required information) received from Customer’s Order Management System (OMS) or other sources

CAT report Validation and Correction prior to FINRA submission

  • Perform data integrity checks and validation for all published FINRA CAT reject codes
  • Provide ability to correct CAT exceptions prior to FINRA submission
  • Identify any inconsistencies, under reporting, improper reporting through unique cross validation with the use of Transaction data from Firm’s OMS
  • Help to improve and manage CAT related exceptions

Firm Designated ID (FDID) generation and maintenance

Ability to aggregate CAT reports across multiple systems

Data retention for CAT report and transaction data

RSMS is a “one stop shop” for any regulatory and compliance related inquiries, including queries from TAMS examiners

Ability to view and repair FINRA CAT rejects from RSMS UI

Our Approach To Perfection